Tenth Edition



            Arheovest Association Timişoara, in collaboration with West University of Timișoara, is organizing the
ArheoVest Symposium: Interdisciplinarity in Archaeology, Tenth edition:
In Memoriam Felix Milleker (1858‒1942), on November 26, 2022.

          This year participants can register with communications in the three sections of the symposium:

                    - Archaeology

                    - Interdisciplinary methods

                    - History (without modern and contemporary periods)

          The papers will be printed in a special volume "In Memoriam Felix Milleker (1858‒1942)", which will be launched on November 26, 2022. Each author who participates at the Symposium will receive a free volume with the event file.           

          You may participate to the Symposium with a different theme than that of the study sent for publishing. As a matter of fact, you may send a study for publishing even if you cannot attend to the Symposium or you may attend to it without sending a study for our volume.

          Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organizers. If the paper has several authors, the organizers bear the costs of a single person.

          In the event of a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in November 2022, the Symposium will be held on-line and this will be communicated in due course along with all the organizational details.

Important Dates

» up to September 19 – registration and abstract submission
» September 21 – abstract acceptance
» up to October 3 – full paper submission
» November 14 – volume in print
» November 26 – the day of Symposium
» November 27 – publication on-line

Registration and Rules



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