About us

          The archaeologist has stopped being an adventurer a long time ago, and today he is a scientist who, by applying research techniques, is trying to discover ways of thinking of the ancient people, ancient societies and events belonging to extinct civilizations, information impossible, sometimes, to obtain by any other means than archaeology. With this in mind, the effort made by archaeologists must be of use to the public, with the first and foremost purpose of instructing and informing.

          Founded in Timisoara, in 2006, Arheo Vest is an NGO that plans to bring a new light to archaeology being made in Banat, its primary objectives are:
-research and protection of the archaeological heritage of Banat
-promoting archaeology and archaeological findings to the public as well as the scientific world
-training and specialization of students and archaeology enthusiasts in the domain of interdisciplinary archaeology
-participating in international and national archaeological research projects.

          The Arheo Vest NGO has members from different backgrounds: archaeology, history, geography, ethnography, computer science, architecture, cartography etc. united by their interest and passion for archaeology and history.

Directoral Board

President: Vice-President Secretary Members
      Cătalin HANCHEȘ
      Andrei STAVILĂ
      Simona KUTASI



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