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The 2016 call for applications for TNA summer schools and individual training is now open.  Please share the call text with your networks:    This year the TNA offer includes:

  • Training in mapping datasets to the CIDOC CRM for individuals or small groups, at PIN in Prato
  • Training in the design and structure of archaeological datasets containing scientific data (or mapping of existing scientific datasets to the CIDOC CRM), at PIN in Prato
  • Summer school: 2D/3D documentation for archaeology, at ISTI-CNR in Pisa.  June 20th-24th, 2016.
  • Summer school: Design of archaeological datasets, at ISTI-CNR in Pisa. 4-8 July 2016
  • Summer school: Design of archaeological datasets, at Athena RC in Athens.  12-17 June, 2016.



The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to give up organizing the
"ArheoVest Symposium: Interdisciplinarity in Archaeology and History"
this year also, but cannot prevent the appearance of the yearbook
ArheoVest, nr. IX (2021):
In Honorem Valeriu SÎRBU.

The yearbook will be printed at JATEPress Kiadó, belonging to the University of Szeged, HU or at MEGA Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca.




Asociația ArheoVest din Timișoara are deosebita plăcere de a vă invita joi, în data de 14.04.2016, la vernisajul expoziției itinerante intitulată ”DACII DE LA MUNTE – DACII DE LA CÂMPIE”,  începând cu ora 11:00, în holul de la etajul 1 (în față la Aula Magna)
al Universității de Vest din Timișoara.

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Training ARIADNE : managementul datelor arheologice

On Tuesday 19th Jan Holly Write and Kate Fernie will deliver an ARIADNE training event on archaeological data management at OEAW in Vienna, travelling on to Ljubljana to deliver the same training event at ZRC SAZU on Thursday 21st Jan.  These events are aimed at archaeologists in Austria, Hungary and Slovenia and are being advertised locally by OEAW, MNM-NOK and ZRC SAZU.  If you’re interested in the programme please see:


We will make the slides available after the training events.


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